About Me

Though Maddison's initial involvement in theatre started as a way for her to make friends during middle school, it quickly turned into a burning passion that would take over her life. (Although, some people knew from a very early age that she would grow up to entertain. Someone who names their first pet fish "The Dentist" probably isn't going to be an accountant.) She grew up in Texas, but moved to New York after graduation to get her degree at CAP21 Conservatory. She has been in a range of shows, including R&H's Cinderella, Little Shop of Horrors, Grease, Bonnie and Clyde, Ripped: A New Musical, and various projects at CAP21 and shows/concerts at The Madison Theatre in Rockville Centre. She also loves playwriting and directing, and has a passion for new or developing musicals. You can usually find her watching science fiction movies/t.v. shows, her favorite dessert is red bean taiyaki, and she is absolutely fluent in John Mulaney quotes.